Old World Wine

The Phrase "Old World Wine" Generally refers to wines from the classic growing regions of Europe. The most notable being France, Italy, Germany and Spain. When the Phloxera plauge of the 19th century destroyed much of the grapevines of Europe. A divide was created that forever changed the way we categorized and understood wine. The "New World" wine movement began as a by-product of the scourge of Phyloxera, as the indigenous grapevines of North Ameica were allready resistant to the louse a demand was created for wines from the "New World". Over time the phrase "New World" evolved to encompass all other regions outside Europe such as South Africa, South America, Australia New Zealand etc. The main charecteristic that identifies an "Old World Style" is typically an emphasis on "Terrior" or the geography, geology and climate of a certain place that gives a wine its charecter.